Marantec Remotes And Marantec Keypad

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The Following Marantec Garage Door Opener Remotes And Keypads Are Discontinued!

M3-2431, M3-2432x, M3-2434, M3-2434x. M3-3433, M3-3433x
M3-643x, ML-631, ML-639, ML-640, ML-643
ML-1312v, ML-1314v, ML-1391, ML-1392, ML-1392v, ML-1394, ML-1394v
ML-1401, ML-1402, ML-1402v, ML-1404, ML-1404v, ML-1431v, ML-1432, ML-1434
ML-2312v, ML-2314v, ML-2391, ML-2392, ML-2393v, ML-2394v, ML-2394v
ML-2401, ML-2402, ML-2402v, ML-2404, ML-2404v

There Is No Marantec Remotes Or Keypads Made To Replace These Older Controls.
The Marantec Universal Receiver And Remote Below Is The Only Way To Update Your Older System!


Additional Remotes And Keypad Can Be Purchased On This Page Link

Marantec Receiver and Remote Set RCP02-3101M (315 MHz).

Marantec Garage Door Opener Replacement Deluxe External Receiver.
Includes One Receiver, One 2 Button Remote And 2 Wire Cable.
Receiver module is external to the opener.
Simply plugged into the wall outlet and wired to the wall control push button.
This allows frequency changes to occur simpler and faster.
Compatible with ANY garage door opener.
Includes one 2-button remote, visor clip, receiver with built-in plug-in transformer.
Additional remotes and keypad sold seperately below.
Addition items can be programmed using the program button directly on the receiver.
Easy to install instructions included.
The RCP02-3101M Receiver - Remote Set Is In Stock And Ships The Next Business Day!

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